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ne travillez jamais

Will Sheldon



Entering the dank, tenebrious grotto, you (disoriented traveler) encounter a goblin's nest of sorts, swollen, bioluminescent eggs slung heavy by freakish suspensions from the walls and ceilings, the gnarled vines affixed with ornamental jingle jangles: hoarded pastel sweetsy ribbon-bows undoubtedly snatched from the ends of cherubic plaited pigtails, musty shrunken skulls, hag's wartish index fingers, disembodied but curiously animated in their commanding curl--- β€œCOME” β€œU MUST GO NOW”---- both crone-ish and slutty, with claws laquered in various narcotic shades of faery-tale poisoned fruits of 1950's board games... nuclear runoff witch's-trick Granny-Smith, fuschia brambleberry lattice pie... You begin to feel woozy from the stagnating air, thickly laden with rot, your vision pinpricks, you grope your surroundings for support. Your clutch finds a clammy egg suspension, to your horror (Sweet Delite) it glows, radiates heat at the touch! The opaque edges of the eggen walls give way to abstracted windows of near-bursting thinness and translucency towards the center, revealing a sticky, grotesque hand pressed against the walls from the inside. Here are bulbous fingertips tapering downwards from their tops, and.. and... By Jove--- behind the impatient, gluey, pressing paw, a head freakish in size & shape, visage punctuated with flashing eyes of petrifying sentience. Your hand recoils, you stumble backwards. around the shadowed cave the eggs have began to jiggle and hum with glee, aglow with little incubated souls, a harmony of cooing grows..... Here are hundreds of thousands of feral, fetal Fuzzy Buttons ecstatic for an audience. Once pulse has recovered, the guttural shrieking chorus lulls you into a state of trance. A peculiar tenderness and affection has arisen in you, but---- has the revulsion dissipated? Not quite, but what delicious union!

by Molly Edminster, May 2017